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In an ever-changing geopolitical landscape, we need to know how to make informed investments in the world we live in and manage future risk. We need to know how to future proof the urban and natural environment against resource scarcity, climate change and how to navigate the circular economy.

How will technology help us aid informed decision making to limit economic risk? Big data, blockchain and other tech’ will have a big role to play in the future of the built environment. Technology will help us create smart, liveable and resilient cities. It will change the workplace as we know it, the building we work and live in could become more educated than their residents.

So, in an industry constantly looking to adapt lead and grow we invite you as industry leaders to shape the world we live in, create positive change and be a part of the world’s most important discussions.

World Built Environment Forum Summit, 13-14 May 2019, New York

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Looking ahead to the 2019 Summit

Ahead of the 2019 Summit, we take a look back at the London Summit where innovators and global influencers arrived in one place to determine the future direction of the built environment.

A leading world city, iconic capital and the venue for the 2018 World Built Environment Forum Summit, London welcomed more than 1000 industry professionals from 40 different countries at an event attracting the very best minds in a sector looking to constantly adapt lead and grow.