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Meet Paul Tambini MRICS

Why I value RICS status

Paul Tambini MRICS is Director at TC Consult, a quantity surveying and project management firm in Cardiff, Wales. He has worked as a quantity surveyor since graduating in 1999, qualifying as an RICS member in 2004.

Here, Paul shares with us what he enjoys most about being a QS and how the role of a QS has changed during his time in the industry.

Tell us why you enjoy being a Quantity Surveyor?

Each working day is different as it’s a fast paced industry, making it good fun to work within. I’ve been doing this for years now and it never gets boring or repetitive. I set up TC Consult in 2007 with my business partner David Champs MRICS.

Our firm has specialised in Employer’s Agent, Project Management and Cost Consultancy roles in hotels, food retail, non-food retail, commercial offices, residential and car show rooms. 

No two projects are ever the same. Each development has its own unique challenges, which keeps the job exciting and on almost every project you learn something new, so your knowledge base continues to grow and helps you refine your skills as a top QS.

Excuse the cliché but teamwork is the key to being a good consultant, whatever the discipline. You have to accept and realise that everyone in the project team has a role to play in delivering a project, so you need to get to know everyone and understand how they work, to get the most out of a team.

How has the role of a QS changed over the years?

Traditionally the QS’ role is perceived as being office based, back of house, and brought in once a project has been designed to simply work up the estimated construction cost, then tender the scheme etc.

The biggest change for us, and a change which we have been actively pushing for at TC Consult, is a far earlier and key involvement of the QS within the design and decision making process. Far more value can be added to the project, if key decisions on design are made when informed of the cost implications of doing so.

Has the type of work you do changed also?

The changing role of the QS has also lead to the role of the QS almost morphing naturally into more of a project management role, helping steer the project team towards delivering a projects’ goals, with costs at the forefront.

The amount of pure QS role project work has slowly been reducing over the past 5 years or so, and at the same time the requests for project coordination/project management combined with QS work has been on a steady increase.

Is RICS membership valued by your firm?

When bidding for new work, either for public or private sector clients we promote the fact we are an RICS accredited firm. The RICS brand is globally recognised and it gives clients an immediate sense of reassurance that we are fully qualified. It’s an invaluable stamp of approval!

How is your firm in Cardiff benefitting from RICS having a global brand presence?

All of TC Consult’s work to date has been in the UK, but a lot of private projects are now funded by European and international funds, so the globalisation of the RICS brand is welcomed by us.

We are currently involved with a few schemes where all the investment is coming from the Far East. These investors have full confidence in the RICS qualified professional team on board.

And finally, what are your thoughts on Building Information Modelling (BIM)?

We see BIM as a positive initiative. It is fast becoming the norm in the industry, and as consultants are becoming more familiar with its workings, it won’t be long before it becomes the standard.

Providing a BIM model is set up correctly, the design coordination process is far smoother and it helps identify and iron out any design discrepancies at an early stage, and as a result, the amount of design variations/additional detailing post contract, is dramatically reduced. This, in turn helps keep the amount of post contract variations and the associated costs, down to a minimum.

We would encourage everyone to get up to speed with the BIM process, as we believe it is here to stay – keep up or you will get left behind!

About Paul Tambini

Paul Tambini MRICS is Director at TC Consult, Banks Wood & Partners (Wales) and NYTC Consult.

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