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Event programme

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:25 Chair’s Opening Remarks

09:35 Panel debate - Why surveyors must use new technologies to survive and thrive

  • Technology bridging the gap from construction to FM
  • Collaboration
  • Future of the profession
  • Skills and benefit
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Professionalism and standards

10:15 How to enhance collaboration through technology

  • Hear from different stakeholders as they walk through involvement using BIM in a project
  • Exemplar projects - BIM, from architect to building surveyor, to facilities managers
  • BIM – opportunities to enhance the role of the surveyors
  • Digital handovers: From Building Information Modelling to Asset Information Modelling

11:00 Networking refreshment break

11:30 In conversation with a client

  • What technology and information does a client want?
  • Why using technology benefits the client and supplier

12:00 3D printing and robot construction to increase construction output

  • How the industry can utilise robots and machines successfully
  • Exemplar projects of robots have been put into practice in construction

12:30 Immersive design and realities for planning and designing

  • AV, VR and AI
  • Mixed reality” “augmented reality”
  • Holographic headset on site

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Data, data, data: improving the maintenance and operation of a buildings lifecycle

  • What data should you be collecting and when do you need to use it?
  • Legalities of capturing data
  • Data capture tools

14:40 How can buildings that identify their own defects? 
How Smart Infrastructure reduces total lifecycle costs

15:10  Networking break

15:30 Technology that improves inspection techniques and improving efficiencies on site
A roundup of crucial technologies:

  • Thermographics
  • Drones
  • Thermal imaging
  • Laser scanning

16:15 Closing keynote – Change Management

  • How to embed new technologies in your business, team and workplace
  • Cost/benefit analysis: return on investment in digital technologies

16:45 Chair’s closing comments