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Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program assists professionals in attaining the desired competency to earn the chartered qualification - MRICS.

This program is apt for mid-career professionals (minimum of four years' experience) who wish to initiate the journey of gaining the globally recognized chartered qualification for built environment - MRICS. Since the primary objective is to work towards MRICS, the eligibility and enrolment process is governed by the requirements for MRICS.

Why enrol in the program?

This program offers an accelerated learning opportunity to those who do not have the time to invest in a full-time MBA program, and wish to fast-track their journey to the chartered qualification - MRICS.

  • Upgrade your professional status with just 450 hours of time investment.
  • Strengthen your technical competencies benchmarked to international standards.
  • Speak the global language of real estate and construction while studying a program relevant to the Indian market.

Real Estate and Construction professionals like you often lack the luxury of time to invest in a full-time MBA yet need to upscale your knowledge and competencies with changing times. With dynamic changes in the market like the introduction of Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Goods and Services Tax and many others – being fundamentally strong has become essential.

This program offers an accelerated learning opportunity for you to achieve a leadership role in your domain. Intensive face to face sessions integrated with online study offers an immersive learning experience to develop core, mandatory and optional competencies in construction. Industry experts along with our faculty will deliver this tailor-cut program in a dynamic class format.

Your time in Emerging Leaders Program will be inspiring, challenging and rich in knowledge. You will return with new ideas and techniques that differentiate you as a leader and you will be well prepared to attain the globally recognized chartered qualification for built environment - MRICS.

How is the program delivered?

The program is designed for working professionals in a balanced blend of online self-paced learning as well as on-campus classes to provide an immersive learning experience.

The 12 month program comprises of 450 hours of training delivered over four trimesters - in combination between face-to-face classes and online learning as shown in the figure.

The program starts with a five day training conducted in face-to-face classes format at the RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University (Noida).

The program will also conclude with a face to face training period of five days – which would agai nbe held at the RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University (Noida). Candidates will be asked to complete their project submission (also known as ‘capstone project’). The project submission will form the basis on which the preliminary review (a component of the assessment process required for MRICS qualification) will be conducted.

Emerging Leaders Program - Your bridge to the chartered qualification - MRICS

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a one-year executive program designed for mid-career professionals aspiring for leadership roles. The program enhances their competence whilst simultaneously preparing them for gaining MRICS - the globally recognized chartered qualification for built environment.

The benefits

Successful completion of the program gives you the following benefits

1. Competence for leadership roles: You would gain competency of the highest degree in the domain of your chosen specialism and cultivate core management skills required to take on a leadership role with utmost confidence.

2. Smoother journey to MRICS: This program has been designed in alignment with the professional competence requirements for MRICS. So, if you decide to work towards gaining the chartered qualification MRICS, you would have the following advantage:

  • The project submission at the end of this year-long program will be treated as the ‘Preliminary Review’ for the ‘Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)’ required for qualifying as MRICS.
  • If the Preliminary Review is cleared, you will be eligible to directly appear for the APC interview, which is the last step in the assessment process for MRICS.
  • Most importantly, you would get all the guidance and counselling necessary for undergoing the ‘Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)’.

3. Alumni Status: You become a part of the global RICS Executive Education Alumni network, and get significant networking opportunities from time to time.

Fees and Payment

Program fee

The total program fee is INR 160,000 plus GST:

  • At the time of enrollment: INR 60,000 plus GST.
  • At the start of the third month of the program: INR 50,000 plus GST.
  • At the start of the sixth month of the program: INR 50,000 plus GST.

Note: Payments overdue beyond 10 days of the stipulated timeline, will be charged a penalty.

Loan facility

Loan facility is available and can be availed if required. Interest rates will vary depending on individuals and their credit history.

How to pay

The payment can be made via cheque or demand draft.