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Becoming a manager/coach

By coaching their team a manager can ensure that new projects or business demands are met with flexibility, competence and motivation. Discover how you can take on the role in this eLearning course.
Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 90 Days
0.5 hours formal CPD
£15 + VAT


Management coaching is important for establishing the individual autonomy of employees so that when complex situations or new business models occur, they are able to adapt in a competent and motivated manner.

This course will show you how to adopt the attitude and best practices of a manager/coach and identify the most appropriate methods for you.

Learning Objectives

  •  Understand the added benefits of being a manager/coach
  •  Develop your team’s maturity


  1. Becoming a manager/coach: benefits and issues
  2. What is a manager/coach?
  3. Adopting the best practices of a manager/coach
  4. Coaching your team
£15 + VAT
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