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Member support service levy

The Member Support Service (MSS) was created in 2002 as a specialist service to deal with the issues raised by the Merrett v Babb Court of Appeal case.

MSS is for members who are faced with a third party claim against their work as an employee and the employer (past or present) is uninsured or there is no indemnity in your contract.

MSS has limited funds and any help given is entirely at the discretion of RICS. There is also no contractual right to help.

If members/associates are eligible, and assistance is granted, you could benefit from:

  • legal advice from RICS selected external experts (Browne Jacobson LLP are the current preferred legal advisers that act for MSS applicants)
  • help with third party claims handling
  • a dedicated helpline manned by qualified staff
  • support in dealing with insurance providers, including advice on preventative measures, suggested indemnity wording for employment contracts 
  • legal costs, depending on each case’s individual merits.

This is not replacement insurance and the service will not assist where there is/was insurance in place, or where insurance was required – for example, for work outside of their usual employment, such as consultant to another firm.

Members eligible to use the service are:

  • UK members who do not need to have their own PII as stated in RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms
  • UK retired members
  • trainees
  • students
  • members on part-time concessionary rates.

The service is funded by a levy. This levy was introduced to membership in 2003 and was charged (to those in above categories, excluding retired, trainees and students) at £15. Since 2005 the levy has been at a nil rate due to the favorable claims record. The levy remains at a nil rate and any changes to this rate will be notified on future subscription notifications.

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