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The Valuation of Contaminated Land

This web class will consider the challenges of valuing properties which suffer from some form of contamination. It will look at environmental impairment and how it impacts on valuation.

Session Duration:
90 minutes
Thu 16 Aug 2018
12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
1.5 hours formal CPD


Course information

Valuing property that is subject to some form of contamination is particularly difficult. Much depends on the nature of the contamination/impairment and the type, and cost, of necessary remediation works. The web class will be presented by a lawyer and an appraiser, both having considerable experience in dealing with this type of valuation work. They will look at issues concerning the highest and best use of the property as impaired and consider how the three main valuation approaches need to be adapted to reflect the contamination. In addition to looking at the cost of necessary remediation work, they will also consider the liability impacts, use limitations, and possible stigma attached to contaminated properties. They will also cover how to deal with such properties within a mass appraisal environment. Up to date information about the law concerning contaminated properties and practical guidance on the preparation of valuations relating to such properties will be provided.

This course is developed as part of a collaboration with International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) and RICS to provide specialized property tax and assessment valuation trainings suitable for the US marketplace.

Who Should Attend

  • Assessors, appraisers and other professional real estate valuers
  • Advocates, lawyers, and paralegals involved in disputes concerning the valuation of contaminated properties
  •  Anyone else involved with contaminated properties

Course Format

This 90-minute web class will include presentations from two experienced experts followed by a question and answer session.

About this course

Course Content

  • Different types of contamination
  •  The costs of remediating contaminated properties
  • Applying the three approaches to value in respect of contaminated land
  • Considering the overall impact of contamination on the value of property
  • Legal and practical guidance in preparing a valuation of contaminated land

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the causes and impacts of contamination
  • Be aware of legal issues that impact the valuation of the contaminated property
  • Learn how to approach the issue of highest and best use of a property as impaired
  • Apply the sales, cost and income approaches to reflect contamination
  • Understand how contamination can be dealt with in a mass appraisal environment



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