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RICS ACRE™ Mediation Training

Analytical Commercial Restorative Expert: Robust mediation for the land, property and construction sectors.
Tue 24 Apr 2018 - Sat 28 Apr 2018
08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Venue tbc, Doha, Qatar

Please note: the location for this course is subject to change.

QAR14700 +VAT


Mediation must be considered as an alternative to litigation. A cost-effective way of resolving disputes, mediation brings conflicting parties to a discussion facilitated by an impartial, professional mediator.

Train for professional accreditation, and you will be guided through a carefully planned programme of learning designed to:

  • Accelerate learning in a dynamic and fun way
  • Equip you to mediate in a variety of commercial situations
  • Build a high level of knowledge, skill and experience.

The full training programme consists of five full days divided into two separate modules. It is designed to help delegates build their negotiation skills, giving them the opportunity to practise management of disputing parties, as well as techniques for avoiding conflict escalation.

It's a well kept secret that mediation has many benefits, both from a personal and professional business point of view and I would recommend the RICS mediation course to anyone aspiring to be a mediator.


  • RICS professionals QAR14700 +VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals QAR18630 +VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

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Module One

Introduction to Mediation and Mediation Advocacy

Suitable as a stand-alone course for those interested in entering the growing market for qualified mediation representatives, this introductory module provides the essential baseline skills to enable delegates to develop and expand their proficiency as a party representative.

Three full days’ training will provide you with a detailed introduction to facilitative and evaluative mediation.

There is no formal assessment for this module, but 100% attendance is required.

Course content

Day one – Mediation in context, an overview and mediation ground rules

  • Preparation
  • Opening sessions.

Day two – Exploration

  • Verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Extracting a comprehensive narrative
  • Engaging with the parties.

Day three – Negotiation

  • Applying your knowledge and experience in evaluative mediation
  • Exploring options and expert analysis
  • Robust reality testing of strengths and weaknesses
  • Working towards a settlement
  • Techniques in breaking deadlock
  • Mediation advocacy.

Module Two

Practical Mediation Skills and ACRE Mediation Training

Module Two is for those seeking qualification as an RICS Accredited Mediator. This intensive two-day training programme builds upon the skills acquired on Module One to develop your practical skills as a mediator.

This module is intensely hands-on with coaching and feedback throughout the role play exercises.  Delegates participate in role play scenarios based on real life cases, acting as mediator and party with instructor and peer feedback.

Course content

Day four – Consolidation

  • Extended practical training
  • Consolidation of skills learned in Module One
  • Running a mediation alone.

Day five – Advanced skills and assessment

  • Advanced mediation skills
  • Time limited mediation
  • Video assessment.

Module Two Assessment

Developmental assessment: Assessment takes place throughout the module, with detailed and constructive feedback from the instructors

Video assessment: Delegates act as mediator in a one-hour videoed case study role play scenario

Written assessment: 1,500 word essay or written role play scenario submitted after course completion

QAR14700 +VAT
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