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Quantity Surveying: Foundation Programme

Take the first steps towards a career as a quantity surveyor with our six month foundation course to build up vital core knowledge to apply to your work.

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Course Duration:
6 months
Thu 26 Apr 2018
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
150 hours formal CPD


£695 + VAT

When you’re starting out in Quantity Surveying, it’s so important to build up vital core knowledge that you can apply to your work on construction projects. This means building up a fundamental grounding in the areas of construction technology, procurement, design economics, cost of construction works, financial management, and commercial management.

To assist you in gaining the key skills of a quantity surveyor, we have developed a foundation programme on the underpinning principles of this profession. This includes expert instruction on the fundamentals of cost evaluation, procurement types, contract provisions, cost planning, change management, and project final control methods.

By taking this course, you will learn about quantity surveying from the ground up, so you can work autonomously or part of a project team on a variety on construction project tasks.

Who is the course for?

Learn about quantity surveying from the ground-up:

  • Construction professionals who want to learn about the key underpinning principles quantity surveying
  • Professionals thinking of moving into the QS profession
  • Other professionals in the built environment who are looking to learn



  • RICS professionals £695 + VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals £835 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to foundation quantity surveying
  • Module 2: Construction technology and environmental services
  • Module 3: Procurement and tendering
  • Module 4: Design economics and cost planning
  • Module 5: Quantification and costing of construction works
  • Module 6: Contract Practice and Contract administration
  • Module 7: Project Financial Control and Reporting


Learning outcomes

  • Apply the practices and procedures of international quantity surveying
  • Demonstrate forms of construction for various property types
  • Evaluate the factors which affect the cost of a building
  • Undertake the quantification and costing of construction works
  • Differentiate between the types of procurement strategies
  • Apply cost planning methods to control the financial aspect of a project
  • Evaluate the sources of cost data relating to a construction
  • Identify the contractual requirements and procedures relevant construction finances
  • Report and forecast costs during the construction phase
  • Manage various aspects of a project, including change procedures and accounts
  • Identify general contractual provisions for a construction project
  • Apply the implication of Building Information Modeling to QS projects


Pointers to develop my current career

Gareth Heavy, Operations Manager on 1/29/2018

"Due to my current work position I enjoyed the financial reporting and contract management most. This was due in part as it was familiar but it also gave me some new pointers to develop my current career."

Course structure

Delivered over a six months programme, this course teaches the practices of quantity surveying in a topic approach. Each individual unit teaches a competency required by the profession and using a blended style of online study, delegates will gain a thorough grounding of the required skills.

Each unit is composed of the following to support and enhance the learners needs in gaining the required level of knowledge throughout the course programme.


The online technical elearning courses provide you with a detailed overview of the principles and methodologies covered within each unit. Created by highly experienced trainers.

Case studies and Practical exercises

Technical case studiesprovide you with examples of practice, within these case studies you will be able to test the training against the theory taught within the unit. Answers and your examples can be shared within the online forums.

Reading material

Further your study and understanding of the units and methodologies with the unit reading material. Sourced from text books and articles, these readings support your development throughout the course programme.

Online forum

Each unit has a dedicated forum to provide you with constant access to your tutor and a shared learning area with fellow delegates. Creating a dedicated learning environment youwill be able to partake in topic discussion and share you learning with lots of other people from all over the world.

Enrolment commences from the time of payment.
You will be asked to complete payment in order to enrol onto this course.

Access to the course will commence on the start date as advertised. Please ensure you have chosen your preferred start date as there are 3 available.

You will receive a welcome email with detailed instructions closer to the start date of the course.

The start date and access for the course is subject to change depending on number of attendees for this course and at the discretion of RICS.

Approximate duration of course: 150 hours over six months

Assessment: Online Exam (Interview may be required)

£695 + VAT
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