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Consent orders

A consent order is a formal written agreement between RICS and a member or firm concerning a disciplinary issue arising from an identified breach of RICS rules.

A consent order may include terms to:

  • Take a certain action
  • Desist from taking a certain action
  • Pay a fine (up to £2,000 per breach)
  • Pay RICS’ costs

Consent Orders Agreed 2016/2017

In accordance with the Regulatory Board’s sanctions policy, we publish a list setting out the number and types of Consent Orders issued during the previous quarter. The summary provides a general overview to demonstrate how we are enforcing the standards expected of RICS members and Regulated Firms, and at the same time seeking to protect the public and maintain confidence in the profession.

Please find below the summary of cases per quarter, which remain on the website for 12 months.

One of the orders included a term providing for the consent order to be published in full, including the name of the firm. The content of the Consent Order is attached below.