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Preparing for the final assessment

Your APC final assessment is made up of two components, the written submission and the professional interview. This course will help you fully prepare for both of these critical exercises.

Tue 8 May 2018
09:30 AM - 06:30 PM
RICS office, Room 3707, Hopewell Centre , 183 Queen's Road East , Wanchai, Hong Kong
3 hours CPD
$1800 .


Representing the culmination of experience gained from hard work and competencies achieved, this is the final step for you to become fully-fledged RICS professionals. With modifications made in the submission’s templates and content in February 2015, these changes will affect those who register for RICS membership under the new approach.

The course features prerequisites and updates for the final assessment ranging from: How assessments are conducted, approaches assessors use in making their decisions, and expectations for professionals. With sufficient preparation, candidates will be able to complete all areas of assessment with confidence rather than be held back in trepidation.

Course contents

Highlights from the course content include:

  • Preparing for the final assessment.
  • Roles of the assessors and how they make their evaluation.
  • Structure of the final assessment and how time is divided into defined sections.
  • Coverage of each section and how candidates can maximise each allotment.
  • Linkage between case study, presentation and final assessment.
  • Attributes of a good presentation.
  • Understanding, managing and answering interview questions.
  • Useful hints and tips for candidates to clearly demonstrate competency.
  • Importance of RICS ethics and rules of conduct.


  • Expires 24 April Early bird discount $1600 .
  • RICS professional $1800 .
  • Non-RICS professional $2300 .
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

$1800 .
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