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APREA-RICS Property Technology Conference

Aligning with Singapore’s initiative to become a “smart nation”, this conference will deep-dive into Singapore’s Real Estate Industry Transformation Map, including insights and trends sharing from key government agencies.

The future of real estate industry

Wed 14 Nov 2018
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, 177A River Valley Rd, Singapore, 179031
6 hours CPD

Early bird ends on 14 September

SGD310 + 7% GST


By definition from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, PropTech is an all-encompassing term that refers to all aspects of innovation and how it impacts the built environment, including software, hardware, materials or manufacturing.

The APREA-RICS Property Technology Conference will cover some of the country’s major technology advancements used in real estate transactions. Learn how companies and individuals are breaking away from traditional transaction processes direct from industry experts. A panel discussion will give insights into the disruptor and enablement of property technology in Singapore’s existing and up-and-coming property technology platforms and systems, as well as building efficiency.

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How can Singapore transform the real estate industry to be future-ready?

Singapore's Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM) is a collaborative effort between industry and government; it provides a roadmap for the transformation of the industry. At the APREA-RICS Property Technology Conference, we will deep-dive into Singapore’s ITM and share insights and trends from key government agencies and influential industry stakeholders.


  • Get insights into the initiatives and trends on Singapore’s Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM) from the key government agencies.
  • Understand about the transformation in property transactions and building optimization.
  • The impact of property technology on property valuation and practitioners.
  • Evolution of property technology and its rising opportunities.
  • The innovation of technology platform and system within the property space.


  • Conference chairperson's welcome

    APREA welcome address

    RICS welcome address

    • The focus and key initiatives of Real Estate ITM
    • Trends affecting property transaction services
    • Leveraging Integrated Digital Delivery on facilities management
    • Future outlook and impact of property technology
  • Journey in DIY property transaction services

    • Showcasing the journey of DIY property transaction services – acceptance and challenge.
    • Contribution to the Real Estate ITM initiatives
    • Future of property transaction services
    • Direction of property technology evolved in Singapore

    Ms Rhonda Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, Ohmyhome Pte Ltd

    Technology application in financial planning

    • Key factors in technology implemented for property financing
    • The partnership with property agents and bankers
    • The objectives of online property financing and its impact on Real Estate ITM initiatives
    • Trends on property technology evolved in Singapore’s property financing

    Mr Paul Ho, Director & Founder,

    • What are the platform invested in property transaction?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of technology in property transaction services
    • Roles and challenges towards achieving Real Estate ITM initiatives
    • What are the technology system rolled out in FM facilities?
    • How does technology manage building optimisation and efficiency?
    • Case study on successful projects implementing technology
    • Overview of smart FM systems
    • Key issues in implementing smart FM solutions in an existing building
    • Collaboration between consultants and developers to streamline FM process from the planning and design stage
    • Future of FM industry and profession
    • How does technology transform the real estate industry?
    • Technology implemented in property management, transaction and valuation
    • The impact of technology on property valuation
      • Data accessibility
      • Risks
      • Reliability
      • Transparency
    • Envision of technology for practitioners – its impact on the profession and working performance
    • Showcase of property technology application
    • Impact of technology on legal practices and their clients
    • Key legal issues in property technology – intellectual property, security and privacy
    • Changes in legal delivery services
    • How does the role of legal practices evolve in Singapore with the initiatives of Real Estate ITM?
    • Legal case study in delivering services on technology application
    • What will property stakeholders (developers, consultants, financial institution, agencies) change to adapt with the Real Estate ITM?
    • How do property stakeholders envision the impact of technology on the industry?
    • How will data sharing impact the market competitiveness?
    • What are the skillsets required when the property processing is automated?
    • Will professionals lose job due to technology? Why?


    Mr Sean Ellison, Senior Economist, RICS


    • Mr Tony Khoo, President, IFMA (Singapore Chapter) and CEO, E M Services Pte Ltd
    • Mr Paul Ho, Director & Founder, 



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SGD310 + 7% GST
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