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BIM Conference

This conference will take a closer look at Malaysia's Construction Industry Transformation Programme 2016–2020 and discuss how the country's construction projects could benefit from the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

BIM implementation for the industry

Wed 19 Sep 2018
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, 165, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50450
6 hours CPD


Malaysia’s Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) invested MYR 1.5 million on BIM-awareness programme, to support the Construction Industry Transformation Plan (CITP) 2020.

A minimum of 40% implementation rate of BIM for public projects above MYR 100 million is recommended by CITP. The government has also increased the 2018 budget on technical and vocational education and training of MYR 4.9 billion, which will increase the number of local skilled and productivity in construction projects.

Conference highlights:

  • Malaysia’s BIM national guide and roadmap from the Ministry of Work.
  • Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC) latest showcase of BIM level 2 implementation in Malaysia’s infrastructure project.
  • Digitalisation and technological support for BIM implementation in the construction lifecycle.

Accredited with BQSM for 3 CPD points and CIDB for 15 CCD points CIDBHQ/C/2018/0056.


  • Conference chairperson’s welcome

    Ir. Ronan Collins, Head of Project Information Management, Gamuda Engineering

    RICS welcome address

    Keynote address

    BIM Implementation in Malaysia: Now and the Future

    • The national BIM guide and standards for projects in Malaysia
    • Challenges in implementing BIM to increase construction productivity
    • Initiatives to increase local skilled manpower

    YBhg. Dato’ Sri Zohari Bin Haji Akob, Secretary General, Ministry of Works Malaysia

    • What is RICS guidance note on the ICMS standards of BIM application in the construction industry?
    • What are the principles around the use of BIM in the project lifecycle (design, construction, operation, maintenance)?
    • How does the ICMS apply in the ASEAN region?

    Sr Dainna Baharuddin, Director, Basar & Harun Sdn Bhd

    • What are the principles to embrace technology disruption?
    • How do construction professionals deal with the issues in implementing the right BIM tool?
    • Productivity vs. sustainability in BIM collaboration:
      • 3D printing
      • Augmented reality
      • Survey drone
      • Big data
      • IOT
    • Key factors to implement BIM throughout the construction successfully.
    • Showcase of successful BIM projects in Malaysia.


    Dr John Rogers, Executive Director, thinkBIM Malaysia


    • Mr Kho Teok Siong, BIM Manager, Kimly Construction
    • Mr Darcy Farrar, BIM Manager, Lendlease
    • Mr Mohd. Rafee Mohamed, Director, KPK Quantity Surveyors
    • Showcase the design and construction of KVMRT- SSP line project
    • Understand why BIM Level 2 is required in the project
    • The integration between BIM Level 2 and the use of Common Data Environment (CDE)
    • Contractual and financial implication in the project

    Mr Poh Seng Tiok, Director of Planning & Design, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC)

  • Sr. Sharifah Noraini Noreen Syed Ibrahim Al-Jamalullail, BIM Director, Integrated Project Information Management Sdn. Bhd. (IPIM), Senior Project Manager, Perunding DMA Sdn. Bhd.(PDMA), Co-Chair BIM Technical Committee of RISM

    • Contractor’s perspective on the new standards for the industry through innovation in BIM
    • Key experiences in implementing BIM
    • Various BIM approached from project to project
    • BIM capability of the team
    • BIM approaches in a project – successful story

    Mr Mohd Harris Ismail, Deputy Chairman, BuildingSMART – Malaysia Chapter

    • What are the skillsets lacking in the industry?
    • Key areas required by QS, Architects, Engineers and Contractors for upskilling /reskilling
    • What are the BIM practices in Malaysia? How do they differ from other countries?
    • Challenges in enhancing skillsets - How do leaders solve this issue?


    Mr. Loo Ming Chee, Regional Head, South East Asia, Arcadis


    • Mr Rofizlan Ahmad, Chief Executive Office, CIDB e-Construct
    • Dr John Rogers, Executive Director, thinkBIM Malaysia
    • Mr Rob Sanchez, BIM Manager, Architect, China Construction (South Pacific) Devt' Co. Pte. Ltd.
    • Ar Azim Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, ATSA Architects
    • Get rid of the misinformation about BIM on projects.
    • See how quantity surveyors can properly implement BIM in their day-to-day activities.
    • Clear out the doubts about BIM, and why we should start using it.

    Mr Andy Ang, Product Specialist, Exactal

    • Key issues for QS in implementing BIM - How do they manage the issues?
    • What are the roles of QS in the implementation?
    • How does QS’ roles differ by implementing BIM in a project?
    • Success story of QS in implementing BIM in a project.


    Ir. Ronan Collins, Head of Project Information Management, Gamuda Engineering


    • Mr Loo Ming Chee, Regional Head, South East Asia, Arcadis
    • Mr Andrew Ng Shou Guan, Director, ELP Quantity Surveyors
    • Sr Sharifah Noraini Noreen Syed Ibrahim Al-Jamalullail, BIM Director, Integrated Project Information Management Sdn. Bhd. (IPIM), Senior Project Manager, Perunding DMA Sdn. Bhd.(PDMA), Co-Chair BIM Technical Committee of RISM
    • Sr Amirhosein Mehdipoor, Senior Vice President, BIM Management Practice Sdn Bhd (BMP)


    Agenda is updated as of 14 August 2018. RICS reserves the right to revise this programme and speakers may be subjected to change.

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